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Get event ready with this colorful accessory!  Perfect for festivals, summer concerts, shopping excursions, or a beachy vacation, these cheerful Rainbow Ikat Fanny Packs are thoughtfully designed and genuinely hand-woven.  You'll love how easy it is to store your stuff when you're running errands and how comfortably you can wear this bag all day.


"Weaving has long been a tradition among the Mayan women of Guatemala. The daily attire of many Mayan women consists of cortes (handwoven skirts) and huipiles (wee-peels, hand-embroidered, poncho like blouses). The huipil has evolved as textile technologies and fashions change, but is a clothing tradition that can be traced to precolonial Mesoamerica.


"Requiring more time and skill than their commercial contemporaries, handwoven textiles are more expensive to make than mass-produced textiles woven by machines. Because of this, Mayan women struggle to practice their traditional weaving skills."

Rainbow Ikat Fanny Pack

    • 6" high by 12" wide
    • fits up to a 40" waist
    • 2 zippers on the front
    • hidden zipper on the back
  • Handmade in Guatemala by Lucia's Imports

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