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Ethical Outdoors

Take sustainable, ethical living outside...

and make it fun for the whole family!

Photo: Silk Road Bazaar

Image by Kaze 0421

Bird Houses

Eco-Friendly & Ethically Made Bird Houses


Bike Baskets

Go for a Ride in Comfort with a Hand-Woven Bike Basket

Image by John Nzoka

Wind Chimes

Beautiful Eco-Friendly

Hand-Crafted Wind Chimes

Image by Samantha Fernandes

Picnic Accessories

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with a Picnic and Your Favorites

Image by Ave Calvar

Plants & Planters

Grow-Your-Own Tree & Plant Kits

and Handmade Planters

Image by Ali Kazal

Outdoor Living

Cozy Up on Your Porch or Patio with Lovely Handmade Decor


Handmade with love 
Handled with care

Fair Trade.  Ethically Made.

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