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Artisan Artforms 
and Craftsmanship

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NAWOU, the National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda, works with more than 80 independent women's groups located throughout Uganda. In addition to health care, social welfare, lobbying and advocacy, microfinance and education programs, NAWOU runs a handicraft program. Each group is responsible for production, quality control and transportation to Kampala. All crafts are based on traditional skills and products; natural dyes are also used. NAWOU helps with local and export marketing of the handicrafts. Through NAWOU, artisans receive loans, training, counseling, links to aid agencies and assistance with medication. NAWOU encourages microlending with the urban poor in Kampala. NAWOU does public education on HIV/AIDS, a significant problem in Uganda. Many of the women producing baskets for NAWOU are infected with HIV/AIDS, and income from basket weaving provides a lifeline of support for them.

~Ten Thousand Villages

Basket Weaving

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At Ethical Hope, we think it's really important for you to see the impact you're making on the world and the ways that you are impacted by others.

So we are going to share the stories of artisans and explain the craftsmanship that goes into the pieces of handmade art they create.  We want you to learn about the processes AND the people behind the products. 

When generations upon generations have passed down traditional techniques, it's necessary for us to take a moment to value all of the hands that went into each item, past and present.

Because it takes all of us together to make Fair Trade and all that it entails a viable and vital component in the weaving of our global fabric. 

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