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   Who We Are  

Hi!  Welcome to Ethical Hope!  I'm so thankful you're here.  Because you matter.  You are valuable.  And you too are a part of the cycle-breaking that needs to happen around the world, so that others too may recognize and be recognized for their value and their worth.  In too many hidden places anywhere and everywhere, there are men, women, and children who hurt and who are hurt, too often for inexplicable and unbelievable reasons, through potentially little to no fault of their own.  Perhaps because they are deemed unacceptable by someone else.  And THAT is unacceptable.  And THAT is where YOU come in...

I've always had a heart for those who come from hard places, the broken, the lost sheep who are too often neglected, overlooked, forgotten.  I've talked to too many students who shouldn't have had the life experiences they've lived, prayed for too many juvenile delinquents who should have had better support systems, fed too many homeless individuals who should have had different opportunities, cared for too many people of all ages who suffer too many untold pains and sorrows.  Too often those who most need to have a voice are those who have no opportunity to be heard.  And that is what Ethical Hope is all about.  Offering an outlet for those gifts and skills that deserve to be seen.  Offering a voice for those individuals who deserve to be heard.  Because being created in God's image means being deserving of value and love and grace and hope, regardless of outward appearance or socioeconomic circumstances or life situations.  

Join with me, and my family, in making an impact in the lives of those who deserve better,

providing them a hand up and not a hand out, giving them a voice and an empathetic ear,

sharing their stories and burdens with understanding and compassion. 

Join us in offering the world ethical hope.

Meredith Hedeen 

Founder, Ethical Hope   

Our Mission

At Ethical Hope, we strive to bring light and hope to under-served populations around the world 

- the poor, the homeless, the vulnerable, the neglected, the oppressed, the trafficked, the abused, the forgotten -

through our commitment to valuing the products and their makers.

We seek to empower under-served individuals and the organizations that work with them as we offer their ethically made goods and fair trade products for ethically-minded, globally-aware consumers, while advocating for the Makers through the purposeful telling of their stories and the need for world-wide development of fair labor practices, environmental consciousness, and ethical treatment for all.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer hope to those who need it, whomever they are, wherever they are.

- Domestically, our vision is to intentionally grow a company that benefits those individuals who are largely missed by our culture and to provide meaningful employment, education, relationships, and resources that will develop them as individuals, as families, and as members of society.

- Globally, our vision is to build lasting partnerships with organizations that provide employment and education opportunities for men, women, and children who seek to strengthen and unify families, empower the values of unconditional love, and protect the future.

Our vision is that everyone touched by Ethical Hope, every one, will know that they are valued, worthy, and called to a greater purpose for the greater good.  Because it will only be then that we will taste of the greatest good for all.

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