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Personal Shopping

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Let us do the shopping for you!


Tell us a little about the gift recipient

Tell us a little about the gift recipient - age, gender, interests, and anything else that might be helpful!


give us a price range for the unique gift box

What is the budget we should work with for this gift?  Remember, the shipping fee will be calculated in addition to the gift box budget.  We won't know what the package will weigh until we're done.


do you want a hand-written  card added?

We have a variety of beautiful handmade cards that we would love to personalize and add to your gift!  Cost of the card will vary depending on the specific card you choose.


tell us what kind of gift you'd like to give

Would you like to give games, crafts, books, jewelry, home or kitchen items?  Have your own gifting ideas?  Let us know!


Tell us if you want your gift wrapped

We have lovely Fair Trade tree-free paper and gorgeous gift bags!   Gift wrapping will add $5 to the total cost.  


Give us your stamp of approval

Before we mail your personally-curated FairTrade gift, we will email you a photo of the contents to make sure you approve of the gift!  

How it Works

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