Incredibly unique, the purple tea leaf, which is only grown in Kenya, is super-high in anthocyanins and antioxidants (twice the amount of green tea!)with half the caffeine to create an extra healthy cup of tea.  And yes, it really does make purple tea!  Add in cacao to boost the antioxidant power and the "chocola-tea" flavor, and this is one delight-full drink!  Cool it in the summer and heat it in the winter, but either way, the organically grown, hand-picked, all-natural Purple Chocolate JusTea is just what you need.


Enjoy knowing too that you're supporting women's tea co-ops and direct trade with tea farmers in Kenya to guarantee that every cup of tea is literally changing lives.


3.5 oz. to make 40 cups  (re-steep to make 80 cups of tea)

Purple Chocolate Loose Leaf JusTea

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  • Grown by small-scale farmers in Kenya for JusTea

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