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These sweetly sentimental Forget-Me-Not Earrings are just delightful.  You will love that these earring simply evoke gentle, floral tones while not being overdone.  Adding these to your outfit will remind you of beloved times, memories, or relatives while accessorizing with these hand-pressed flowers set in resin and bezels.  And knowing that each pair provides career services, employment, mentoring, and more for the makers, who are survivors of trafficking and sexual trauma in the United States makes these Forget-Me-Not Earrings even more meaningful.


Survivors are "offer[ed] various job opportunities at SAGE to fit the needs and interests of the women we employ. While employed with us, survivors receive vocational training on the job to prepare for employment outside the program and/or promotion within the program. They also learn general job readiness skills related to professionalism, problem-solving, and communication.It is important that survivors feel safe in the workplace. To accomplish this, all employees (including survivors) receive education on the effects of trauma and healing from trauma. Managers are required to complete training on how to be trauma-informed in their individual roles. The goal of the trauma-informed workplace is to teach survivors to manage their symptoms in the workplace in a healthy way, a skill they can carry with them to their next job."

Forget-Me-Not Earrings


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