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Refresh and revitalize your pet-loving home with this Deodorizing Pet Spray, handmade by refugees who are relocated to Houston, TX from Syria and other war-torn countries around the world.  Enjoy the light and bright scents of this pumped spray to help remove and replace the sometimes unpleasant aromas from your most beloved dogs, cats, and other pets. 


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While living in Colombia, Sandra received threats against her life and moved to Ecuador in 2015 for the safety of her and her daughter. She asked for asylum and was able to move to Houston, Texas, as a refugee in May 2021. Sandra is working on a business course so she can achieve her dream of owning her own business and earning a secure income. In the future, this mother of one daughter would like to travel the world.

Deodorizing Pet Spray

    • Hand-poured in the USA by refugees 
    • 4 oz 
    • Made with 100% soy wax
    • Disclaimer: After burning a soy wax candle, rough bumpy tops may appear due to the organic nature of the wax. Hot soy wax cools and solidifies at an inconsistent rate, however, this is natural and to be expected.
  • Handmade in the United States by Mercy House Global

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