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Written by Malala Yousafzai - Nobel Peace Prize winner and New York Times bestseller, international activist and terrorism survivor, Internally Displaced Person and refugee - who masterfully intertwines her own memoir with real-life experiences of fellow refugee girls, We are Displaced is a book that must be read.  When anyone, particularly the young girls whose journeys are shared herein, loses their community, their home, their friends, sometimes their relatives, there is a heartache that just cannot be soothed except to go home, which is impossible.  


Understanding the plight of immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers in a time of war, border conflicts, natural disasters, and now pandemics is vital to recognize that every single one of the currently displaced persons is actually a person and not just a number .  It is vital to recognize that every one of the 79.5 million+ displaced people, as of the end of 2019, have hopes and dreams of life, of a new life.


"'A stirring and timely book.' --New York Times Book Review


"After her father was murdered, María escaped in the middle of the night with her mother.

"Zaynab was out of school for two years as she fled war before landing in America. Her sister, Sabreen, survived a harrowing journey to Italy.

"Ajida escaped horrific violence, but then found herself battling the elements to keep her family safe."

We are Displaced: My Journey & Stories from Refugee Girls Around the World

  • Winner of the following awards:

    • 6 Best Books for Teens of 2019, Parents magazine
    • School Library Journal Best Books of 2019
    • ALA Notable Books for Children 2019
    • ALA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers 2019

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