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The simple beauty of the gorgeous Tree of Life Luminary in Cream creates a lovely, warm, and inviting presence in any or every room of your home.  With artistry and traditional craftsmanship, this luminary is a testimony to the ceramic artisans of a family workshop in the community of San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua.  Each luminary is created out of local clay, turned on a kick wheel, hand-painted, and wood-fired in a beehive-shaped kiln.

To add to the sense of peace you're sure to enjoy when you light a tea light candle and place it in this beautiful ceramic luminary, you could even use an aromatherapy candle or string lights to change the aura the Tree of Life Luminary provides.  


Measures 4.5" wide x 5" tall.
For use with real burning tea light candle, string of electric lights or battery operated tea light (not included).

During the 2020 pandemic, the families who create these gorgeous products are also struggling to put food on their tables because the demand for their craftsmanship is down.  To donate Rice, Beans and Amor to the Women of the Cloud Forest artisans ($20 can feed a family of 4 for a month), please CLICK HERE.  Thank you for your generosity!

Tree of Life Luminary - Cream

  • From Women of the Cloud Forest:

       "These unique luminaries are handcrafted by our talented artisan partner, Duilio Jimenez, in Nicaragua. They are made out of local clay, turned on a kick-wheel, sun-dried, hand-painted, and finally fired in a bee-hived shaped wood kiln. The process is amazing and the final product will surely become a family treasure."


    For more about Duilio, his wife Damarias, and the ceramicists for Women of the Cloud Forest, CLICK HERE.

  • Handmade in Nicaragua by Women of the Cloud Forest

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