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The beautifully detailed features of Jesus's face are poignantly crafted in this recycled aluminum Savior Silhouette Cross.  His uplifted eyes and thorned crown remind us of the ultimate sacrifice He made - to turn us from the sinful selves we were into the re-formed versions of who we are in Him, just like the metals that meld together to create this cross.  

The Savior Cross literally represents the transformative power of faith while it is physically transformed from recycled car parts and scrap aluminum into polished metal.  New life from an old life, symbolically melting and molding metal for a beautiful, unique creation.

These wall hangings are created out of old car parts and scrap aluminum collected from the garbage dumps in Nicaragua. Using an age old sand-casting process, the metal is melted down, cast and then polished to perfection. 


Approximate size: 6" x 5"

Savior Silhouette Cross

  • "Dona Mayra and Don Jose’s family business includes four full time employees who all work together in a very family like environment. Don Jose heads the casting portion of the business and works to guide each of their employees with much patience and care. All of the pricing and accounting is conducted through Dona Mayra who weighs the pieces and calculates all material and labor costs for each item. It’s a very peaceful workshop where much pride is taken in their work as well as their relationships with their workers. The employees earn 1 ½ times the local minimum wage and enjoy the stability of full time employment, something that is really valued in a country where over 80% of the population lives on less than $2/day. In addition, the raw material is literally cylinder heads, car parts and other scrap aluminum collected from garbage dumps. This use of the recycled materials helps to reduce landfill issues. This is the case of one man’s trash truly being another man’s treasure." [Women of the Cloud Forest]

  • Handmade in Nicaragua for Women of the Cloud Forest

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