"Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy."

~Edwin Osgood Grover


If that quote is even close to being accurate, then bring on Santa Claus everywhere!  This snazzy red suited gentleman is an enthusiastic  reminder that Christmas is more than just the gifts under a tree or inside a stocking that really matter, but rather the heart and love that go into the gifts.  This Santa Rattle is crocheted with such attention to detail that the jolly old man's suit bears stitched coal buttons, a black belt with a saffron buckle, and even snowy-edged hat and trimmings while Santa's merry grin is sure to make children of any age happier.

No two Santa Rattles are exactly alike since they are literally made by hand, by women in Bangladesh, whose work for Pebble provides their families and children with shelter and food, safety and education, health care and fair wages.  Whether or not you or your child believes in Santa Claus, those are always causes worth cheering for!

Santa Plush Rattle

  • Handmade in Bangladesh by Pebble

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