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The Sanaa Colors of Hope Birthday cards are beautifully hand-crafted by young teen moms in Kenya who were rescued from the slums by Mercy House Global to enter their maternal rescue center and transitional care facility, Rehema House.  Using these birthday cards is a cheerful, hope-full way to not only celebrate the birthday person, but an incredibly impactful way of celebrating the work of these young ladies as they create new lives for their children.

Your purchase of this stationery set supports these programs, which provide the girls and babies with health care, education, employment, which would have not been possible when they had lived in, and probably been raped or trafficked in, the slums.  These environments were far from healthy or safe places to be a young girl, much less a teen mother and her baby.  Providing shelters and a supportive place for these too-often-forgotten young women and their families is the essence of bringing hope to the world.  Thank you for changing the world!

Sanaa Birthday Cards - Set of 10 with Envelopes


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