Say it loud and proud - "RECYCLE" - with these vibrantly hand-poured and molded crayons declare their origin and the user's willingness to protect the planet.  This set of 10 RECYCLE Crayons from Crazy Crayons and the National Crayon Recycle Program is sure to please every colorer in the family.  

When you purchase any of our Crazy Crayons, you are also teach your children about recycling and reusing to reduce waste.  And that's a lesson that helps our entire world and can change your own child's view of how easy it is to save the Earth.  Since the Crazy Crayons/National Crayon Recycle Program started in 1993, they have become nationally recognized in their efforts to recycle and reuse crayons that are donated daily by individuals, restaurants, schools, and organizations across the United States.

RECYCLE Crayons - Set of 10


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