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Mornings can be hard, but coffee shouldn't be.


This classic blend is a delicious, easy drinking coffee accessible to any coffee lover.   Breakfast Blend Coffee is smooth and balanced with tasting notes of vanilla, milk chocolate, and citrus. No added flavoring. 


You'll enjoy starting your day with a cup of this organic, Fair Trade coffee that not only helps your morning, it helps the farmers behind the bean even more.


"Human life on earth depends on healthy soil, abundant with nutrients and living microorganisms. Cooperatives like Manos Campesinas in Guatemala prioritize regenerative practices like building organic fertilizer production centers in the community, so farmers can use these resources to “feed” their land with the nutrients the soil needs, rather than depleting the soil through conventional farming methods. The co-op is also investing in farmer-to-farmer training programs, so neighbors can teach and learn regenerative practices from each other."


12 oz ground coffee.  Kosher certified. USDA organic certified.


📷 Equal Exchange

Organic Breakfast Blend Coffee - 12 oz. ground

  • "We have ordered Organic Breakfast Blend for years and we enjoy drinking it every morning. Thank you for a good product. I hope you continue marketing this product and treating the growers justly." ~LaMae

    "I have been savoring Breakfast Blend for many years, and its essence and flavor are always captivating. Invite it to your breakfast table, you will be uplifted, too." ~Jacquelynn

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