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This stunning set of three serving dishes is perfect for offering olives, snacks, dips, and much more. Your party guests and relatives alike will be amazed by the craftsmanship of this handmade olive wood set that can be just as useful for your own daily life if used for decoration or to hold jewelry, keys, etc. 


Since each carving masterpiece is made from a single piece of wood, each item is seamless and no two pieces are alike. Olive wood is a hard wood, making it very dense and durable for everyday use. Additionally, olive wood is nonporous so no germs or odors are retained. 


Add a natural accent to your kitchen and a cultural story to your dinner table when you're able to share the brothers' art of carving the trunks of olive trees to produce gorgeous olive wood pieces which highlight the distinct swirling patterns of the trees' twisted trunks.  Through their use of sustainable tree selection, recycling methods when possible, and fair wage payments of their artisans, multiple ethical practices are utilized in force at Natural OliveWood.


8.5" L

Olive Wood Serving Set of 3 Dishes

    • MATERIALS: Olive Wood
    • ORIGIN: Tunisia
    • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash Hand wash and polish with food safe oil
  • Handmade in Tunisia by Natural OliveWood

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