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Perfect for house plant enthusiasts and gardeners alike!   This one-of-a-kind beauty features three gold painted bells and green glass beads. The hand-cut and hand-painted monstera leaf frame is created from recycled metal, painted by hand, and decorated with hand-forged bells.  Each little bell of the Monstera Wind Chime will share the message of the traditional bell-making skills that are passed down from generation to generation in India.


Enjoy beautiful evenings with family, quiet times in the morning with your coffee, or gift the wind chimes to a friend or relative. Regardless of where this wind chime is used, it will tell the tale of the hands that made it and the lives it saves.  If hanging outside we recommend spraying with a clear coat to preserve longevity and color.

Monstera Chime

  • Handmade in India by Mira Fair Trade

    • Made from reused metal
    • Protective hand-painted finish
    • Indoor and outdoor use
    • Size: 16" L x 6.50" W
    • If hanging outdoors, we recommend spraying your chime with a clear coat to preserve the longevity of this chime.

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