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Our Camel Wool Socks are made from 100% Mongolian Camel Wool, and you'll love these super-unique, soft & snug socks!  If camels can stay warm in Mongolia, then we  can keep our feet wonderfully warm in this sustainable, eco-friendly foot apparel!


Our Cozy Camel Wool Socks come in multiple sizes and feature a comfortable fit. No dyes or chemicals are added in the manufacturing process.



  •   Small (Men's 4-6)
  •  Medium (Men's 7-9)
  •  Large (Men's 9-11)
  • EX-Large (Men's 12-14)


Mongolian Camel Wool Socks

  • Handmade in Mongolia by Silk Road Bazaar

    • Made in Mongolia
    • 100% Camel Wool
    • Care Instructions: Machine wash

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