We've added the Mommy Loves Me book for an extra special hug for a new older sibling when a baby is born, for a child who's facing a hospital visit, for a brand-new bundle of joy, or simply as an everyday reminder.  Since mamas know the one-of-a-kind bond they have with their little ones, this sweet book bears a loving message for every child.


If teddy bears could be much sweeter, it would be hard to find one that tops the wonderfully handmade bears from the mamas of Bebemoss.  Atty the Bear in Beige is decked out with a salmon-colored scarf that's a perfect accessory for her gentle smile and cuddly softness.  She's sure to become any child's best pal for trips to the park or the couch, at naptime or lunchtime, or really for all the time!


Since the ladies who knit every single stitch are mothers and Bebemoss is founded by a mama too, these women absolutely know how to make a teddy bear with as much love as possible.   The women who lovingly created each of these adorable plush playmates are Syrian refugees whose families have been displaced to Istanbul, Turkey. 


Through their skill and employment with Bebemoss and now partnering additionally with MADEx51, they are able to call attention to the refugee crisis stemming from the intense warring in Syria, as well as the plight of displaced women and children who have the same hopes and dreams that your own children have - a world of love and peace, of acceptance and value, of happiness and a future that is secure. 

Mommy Loves You Book & Bear Bundle - Beige

  • Details: Organic cotton yarn, Hand knitted, stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill

    Age: 0-onwards

    Length : 14"/ 35 cm. Conforms to CE standards on toy safety

  • Handmade by Syrian refugee women in Turkey for Bebemoss, LLC.

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