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Love and kindness, calm and happiness are such incredible lessons for every child to learn, especially at a young age.  Using Mindful Tots: Loving Kindness as a resource for caregivers, parents, or even preschool teachers to help little ones learn how to practice the ancient mindfulness exercise, the loving-kindness meditation.  Nurturing compassion and kindness are mindsets that are valuable for everyone to learn at any age!


Trying these simple breathing techniques and mindful motions helps small children, as young as two years old, learn to soothe themselves while laying the foundation for self-awareness and calming emotions.  


“Mindful play can be used to focus children’s minds on the task at hand and help them get centred and ready for the next part of the day, whether that’s further play, a trip to the shop or even the beginning of the bedtime routine. A good resource for parents”

– Inis magazine, Children’s Books Ireland


Because sharing stories, making connections, and inspiring minds makes the world a kinder, better place.

Mindful Tots -Loving Kindness

  • Created by Barefoot Books

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