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Monarchs and their migration pattern to Mexico has fascinated nature observers for decades.  What better way to learn more about these bold butterflies than to read about them and enjoy a handmade memento of their story?  Great for gifting to a child to create curiosity or for sharing with a grandparent who loves to garden, this gorgeous book bundle is perfect for eco-lovers of any age!


Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery tells just that tale in a beautifully illustrated, family-friendly manner.  For centuries, people observed the annual migration of monarch butterflies, and were curious about their destination. It took an international team, but in 1976, their roosting place in the Sierra Madre mountains of Central Mexico was discovered! Additional text explains the collaboration and back matter provides additional information.


The Monarch Ornament is impressively hand-felted from all-natural wool by artisans using traditional techniques in Kyrgyzstan.  Each delicate detail of the wing pattern is carefully depicted in these stunning decor pieces, creating a lovely representation of the beauty and intricacy of the butterfly.  Your purchase of this book bundle provides meaningful employment and sustainable wages in a region of the world that has long been forgotten.  

Marvelous Monarch Book Bundle


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