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Looking to go a little greener in your daily life?  These Market Totes are 16"x18", reusable and sustainable bags in gorgeous kitenge-like prints that are ready to carry books to the library or groceries from the store.  Each bundle of three bags is going to be your new go-to when you head out on your next round of errands, especially since they can fold up to fit in your purse!


AND since these vibrant tote bags are handmade by the young women of the Rehema House, you are also supporting the mission of Mercy House Global at Rehema to aid and support these teen mothers and their children as they seek shelter, employment, and a new beginning after leaving the slums of Kenya.  Offering hope to the hands that crafted each bag with love and purpose should make you feel even better about going green with Market Tote Bags.


  • 16"x18" fabric bag
  • bundle of 3 bags
  • patterns will vary

Market Tote Bags -bundle of 3


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