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Intricately designed with terrific cutwork in this sun-shaped Mandala Wind Chime, sunlight will create the most lovely shadows across your living room or patio.  You're sure to enjoy the soft twinkle of tiny hand-forged bells, decorated with sunshine yellow beads while you share a meal with friends on a warm summer evening.  Spend play-full evenings  on the porch with family, quiet times in the morning with your coffee, or gift the wind chimes to a friend or relative. Regardless of where this wind chime is used, it will tell the tale of the hands that made it and the lives it saves.


"These metal chimes are made by a single family in the town of Behat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Male members over the age of 18 in the family such as husbands, uncles, sons and nephews are all part of chime making. They work out of an old, converted house which is now their workshop in the remote village. The metal chimes start out as flat sheets of scrap metal.


Artisans buy the scrap metal in bulk to use for chimes and other metal products. The sheets are measured to the size of each chime and outlined to be cut or stamped into the correct chime design. The men use simple machines and handheld tools to form each chime. Once the chimes are cut and the basic shape is formed, they are washed to remove any rust or dirt and to give the metal a clean surface for the color or paint to stick to. They are painted and sent to be finished.


"The wives, daughters, and sisters of the men who create the chimes finish each piece with colorful beads and small bells to give them beautiful sound. This family business is supported by your purchases of their chimes!"


If hanging outside we recommend spraying with a clear coat to preserve longevity and color.

Mandala Wind Chimes

  • Handmade in India by Mira Fair Trade

    • Made from reused metal
    • Soldered together for strength and durability
    • Coated in a protective color layer Indoor & outdoor use
    • Size: 20" L x 8" W
    • We recommend spraying your chime with a clear coat to preserve the longevity of this chime.

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