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One of our big hopes and dreams is to help others, in need or not, realize that LOVE will always win over hate.  And that's a message that needs to be shouted from everywhere for everyone to hear.  There's simply too much hate and fear that is too visible, so we really must continuously remind ourselves and each other that love will always conquer.

Join us in our quest to share our LOVE WINS message when you apply this vinyl sticker to your car's bumper, a laptop or iPad shell, even your water bottle!  The sticker is waterproof and has definitely been tested on our own founder's stainless steel water bottle.  


(PS - Thanks for helping to also share our web address when you purchase and display this sticker!  It increases the impact of your own purchase when you spread awareness and encourage others to buy FairTrade and ethically made products!)


7.5" x 2.63"

Love Wins Vinyl Sticker

  • Designed by Ethical Hope and made in the U.S.

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