With pull outs, tabs, and loads of interactive features plus vibrant illustrations and lively prose in a sturdy board book format, each of these timeless favorites is the perfect way to share your love of classic literature with your littlest ones!  Since every story actually retells the original version in a simple but engaging way, readers of all ages will be able to enjoy reading and re-reading it over and over again!


Alice's Adventures takes Lewis Carroll's beloved novel and turns it into a playfully interactive story for all ages.  Little readers can pour tea at the Mad Hatter's party, shrink and grow with Alice, and even search for the Cheshire Cat!  This simplified but true-to-the-orignial is sure to delight as much as the novel!


Peter Pan journeys to Neverland on his epic adventure with Tinker Bell and the Darling children in a whole new way so little hands can take part in this timeless story!  Pirates, Peter's shadow, and even Captain Hook will be no match for any aged reader as they jump into the tale like Wendy and her brothers, joining forces with Peter Pan to joyfully retell J.M. Barrie's beloved novel.


Pride & Prejudice shares Elizabeth Bennett's England with its gorgeous pastures and rolling hills, her romantic adventures with Mr. Darcy, and more through the interactive wheels, pull-outs, and tabs that are perfect at adapting Jane Austen's novel for even the youngest of audiences.  Enjoy watching your little one spin dancers at the ball, care for sister Jane, and more as he/she delights in the story as much as you do!


The Secret Garden ventures into Misselthwaite Manor and the hidden garden treasure with Mary, Dickon, and Colin in this whimsical retelling of Francis Hodgson Burnett's original novel so that you will both enjoy re-reading it over and over again.  Beautifully illustrated to share the wonder of this invredible story as little ones interact playfully with to discover the secret garden with Mary, make friends with Dickon, and even to help Colin walk!


A Christmas Carol invites readers of all ages into Charles Dickens's classic tale through engaging and interactive features that take children on Ebenezeer Scrooge's journey to learn the value of kindness.  Creatively using original dialogue and careful attention to detail, the simple prose and vibrant illustrations are sure to encourage readers and listeners alike to re-read this book over and over again!

Lit for Little Hands - Classic Stories Collection - Board Books


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