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“God made you, God loves you, God is kind to you.”
It can be hard for children to take those three life-changing truths into their hearts and treat others with love and understanding, especially when they encounter those whose needs differ drastically from theirs.
Through a sibling’s eyes, young readers will tag along on a day of a child with a disability. As the two siblings play with friends, go to therapy, and spend time with family, relatable comparisons will help children understand a different type of family life, building empathy for children with disabilities along the way.


Laura Wifler's picture book follows a day in the life of a sibling of a child with a disability. It helps kids recognize the many similarities they share with children whose needs are different from theirs, and that God loves all children equally.

Like Me: A Story about Disability and Discovering God's Image in Every Person

  • "This book is such a gift! As a parent to a child with a disability, Laura put to words so many things I would want to tell to others and hope to teach our older kids as well. She covers so many different types of disabilities and challenges a child may face in Like Me. The ultimate message of these children are “like me” is spot on. This book should be available in every classroom and library." ~ Jamie


    "As a mother of a son with cognitive delays, we need more books sharing this message.  My son, and all people with extra needs, is more like others than he is different.  Like Me focuses on the ordinary in a life with a child with extra needs–many similarities to a life with a neurotypical child. Those both in and out of the church, need to hear and embrace this message.  We’re all created in God’s image and our physical and cognitive abilities don’t impede that! Laura is a gifted author who speaks from experience.  The illustrations are beautiful. Get a copy and share it with children and adults!"  ~Sarah


    "Laura Wifler does such a great job in her newest book on disability - walking us through a day in the life of a child with disabilities. It is such a sweet story that depicts a therapy waiting room, a physical therapy session in a gym, mealtimes, playtimes and the in-between times too. As parents/caregivers of a daughter with disabilities, this book is a true reflection of what we believe about her disabilities and the truth that we speak to her and her siblings. Whether you’re looking to supplement your classroom with children’s books on disability, or your Sunday school class, your home or as a gift for friends, this IS the book to buy."  ~Samantha

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