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Get your sustainable cleaning on with this Knit Swiffer Pad from Nepal!  These washable, reusable mop pads are perfect for keeping your floors clean and your mind at ease.  You'll especially love how these simple cotton covers change lives for our artisan partners, Padhma Creations and Ganesh Himal Trading.  (assorted colors)


"Padhma is the Sanskrit word for lotus, the flower that emerges pure and white from the muddy swamp.   Padhma Creations aims to provide women artisans with health, education and social welfare programs.   Since 2011, Ganesh Himal Trading has contributed $1.00 for every item made by the group to a Worker Development Fund.  A Worker’s Development Fund is a social benefit package which compliments already existing fair wages and steady employment. The money that is set aside gives women in the group the chance to decide how that money can be used to create additional financial support for the artisan group as a whole. Since 2011 the women have chosen to use a portion of the funds to provide scholarships for their children."

Knit Swiffer Pad

    • 11.5″ long X 5.75″ wide to fit a Swiffer mop or similar. 
    • Machine wash after use.
    • Assorted colors.
  • Handmade in Nepal by Padhma Creations

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