Random acts of kindness are such fun to give and to receive!  But sometimes it can be hard to think of simple and meaningful ways to share kindness at home, school, work, or play... which is exactly where this awesome set of Kindness Cards comes in handy! 


Packed full of 55 FUN ideas for how to spread kindness in easy and effective ways in your very own neighborhood or community, Kindness Cards are a terrific gift for kids of any age.  Add a set to a birthday gift or party favor bag, stocking stuffer or Easter basket, back-to-school lesson plans or simply use as an everyday way to care for others by leading through example.  


Open the box and pick a card full of meaningful ideas... such as, "See how many times you can hold the door for someone," "Hug someone like you mean it," or "Thank as many people as you can today."  Because giving doesn't have to be hard... simply grab a card for inspiration and go spread kindness!

Kindness Cards


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