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Hand stitched with several layers of soft, fast-drying, recycled sari fabric, these kitchen necessities add a homey and functional touch to the most-loved room in the house. Vibrant hues and stunning patterns are hallmarks of traditional sari fabrics in India, and these dishcloths and towels are no exception.

Each towel is crafted by 3 women and creates 4-5 hours of dignified work.

"Asha Project exists to empower women in India to help support their families and bring hope back to their communities. Asha Project was created with a vision to empower women in India to help break the cycle of poverty that has a hold on their families and communities. We believe HOPE (Asha) is the first step in breaking the cycle of poverty in India and around the world. Hope for Change. Hope for a Better Future. Hope for Something New."

Kantha Linens

  • Handmade in India by Asha Project

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