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"If there never was a you, how empty life would be!"


Such a super-sweet, reassuringly loving message for every child to hear when a parent, grandparent, or caregiver reads this cheerfully illustrated board book aloud.  If There Never Was a You is sure to perk up any sad soul and warm every little heart with its tale to build a sense of belonging and togetherness.


Build a Bundle with the adorably hand-crocheted, FairTrade Rainbow Bunny Rattle and Carrot Keychain from Pebble.  Each item is beautifully handmade by women and mothers in Bangladesh to create financial stability for their families and provide educational opportunities for their children.  Because every child around the world deserves hope for the future, from your little one to theirs.  

If There Never Was a You Book

  • Book - Printed by Familius, LLC.

    Rainbow Bunny Rattle & Carrot Keychain - Handmade in Bangladesh by Pebble

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