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We're all fluttering with joy over this Hummingbird Wind Chime! Celebrate Spring with this hand-painted chime that will delight all. Enjoy beautiful evenings with family, quiet times in the morning with your coffee, or gift the wind chimes to a friend or relative. Regardless of where this wind chime is used, it will tell the tale of the hands that made it and the lives it saves.


The hand-cut circular, floral frame and swinging hummingbird accent are created from recycled metal, painted by hand, and decorated with hand-forged bells. Each tiny forged bell will share the message of the traditional bell-making skills that are passed down from generation to generation in India.


Perfect for hanging in your garden or porch - it features two gold-painted bells and four cut-out bees in bright, cheerful colors. If hanging outside we recommend spraying with a clear coat to preserve longevity and color.

Hummingbird Beaded Wind Chimes

  • Handmade in India by Mira Fair Trade

    • Made from reused metal
    • Soldered together for strength and durability
    • Coated in a protective color layer Indoor & outdoor use
    • Size: 20" L x 8" W
    • We recommend spraying your chime with a clear coat to preserve the longevity of this chime.

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