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Serving in the military is an honor, a privilege, and a sacrifice for thousands of men, women, and families everywhere.  H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet Book helps children discover many aspects of military life, as well as of the courage and commitment it takes to be in the military or the family of someone who serves, whether or not they personally experience it.  But for those children and families whose parents, siblings, or relatives serve in the Armed Forces, this book will be especially meaningful.

From learning what it means to be patriotic to understanding the value of letters from home to soldiers, why we need the Special Forces to the meaning behind the annual Army/Navy football game, from explaining how often military families have to move and what life is like on a military base,  H is for Honor is an important book for all of us to read.

H is for Honor: A Military Family Alphabet & Patriotic Plane Rattle Book

  • Written by Devin Scillian, award-winning broadcast journalist and former Army "brat"

  • Published in the United States by Sleeping Bear Press

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