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Head to the beach, your favorite shop, or local farmer's market with this stunningly handmade tote bag.  You'll love the coments you receive when you flaunt this floral bag anywhere and everywhere. 


Each one-of-a-kind Guatemalan Floral Tote is uniquely designed from recycled hand embroidered and handwoven fabrics from the Mayan women's traditional dress.  No joke, each bag is HAND-embroidered!  You truly have to see these beauties to believe the quality of the stitching. 


**Due to the handmade nature of this product, each color, pattern, and design will vary.  The photos are examples and may not be the exact design or color you receive.


"Weaving has long been a tradition among the Mayan women of Guatemala. The daily attire of many Mayan women consists of cortes (handwoven skirts) and huipiles (wee-peels, hand-embroidered, poncho like blouses). The huipil has evolved as textile technologies and fashions change, but is a clothing tradition that can be traced to precolonial Mesoamerica.


"Requiring more time and skill than their commercial contemporaries, handwoven textiles are more expensive to make than mass-produced textiles woven by machines. Because of this, Mayan women struggle to practice their traditional weaving skills."

Guatemalan Floral Tote - Emily

    • The Emily tote comes in assorted colors and floral designs.
    • Measures 17" by 19"
  • Handmade in Guatemala by Lucia's Imports

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