Hand-painted leather Giraffe Bookmarks are a must-have for any kiddo's personal library!  Use the giraffe head as a pointer for little ones who are learning to read or for the skilled reader to mark the next chapter in his or her favorite book.  

Giraffe Bookmark

  • Handmade in Kenya by Jedando African Handicrafts for Global Crafts and Gifts with Humanity

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- Ethical Hope is about family - the global community that is our family, whether we know them all or not, and caring for them exactly as they are, wherever they are.  

- Ethical Hope is about value - valuing those who have been deemed worthless and showing them that their contributions to the world are indeed valuable and vitally important.

- Ethical Hope is about justice - the need for offering fair treatment and sustainable wages in cultures and societies where the outcasts are forgotten or neglected.

- Ethical Hope is about hope - offering it to anyone who needs hope in their struggles, light in their darkness, acceptance in their brokenness.


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