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"Rockin' around the Christmas tree" brings a whole new meaning when you see your little one enjoying this friendly Christmas Tree Rattle!  Decorated with holiday ornaments in festive colors and bedazzled with a bright yellow star, the cheery smile on this tree's face is sure to make any little one a bit more jolly this year.  These one-of-a kind Pebble presents make terrific stocking stuffers for even the youngest of children.

No two crocheted rattles are exactly alike since they are literally made by hand, by women in Bangladesh, whose work for Pebble provides their families and children with shelter and food, safety and education, health care and fair wages.  Whether or not you or your child believes in Santa Claus, those are always causes worth cheering for!

Christmas Tree Rattle

  • Handmade in Bangladesh by Pebble

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