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Wonderfully unique with its swirls of cornflower blue, deeply gold, and sunny saffron, the one-of-a-kind Marbled Cotton Throw is a stunning example of the artistry behind the loom and in the cotton-weaving process. The incredibly talented women of Rahab's Rope demonstrate not only their skills at making beautiful and softly textured throw blankets, but also prove their own courageous resilience at overcoming years and decades of forced sex slavery in India where 200+ women and girls are coerced into being trafficked every single day.


This extraordinary woven Cornflower Blue Vase is sure to be loved by all. Use it to store various items, show off your new favorite plant, or just as a decorative piece. Be sure to place a glass insert inside if you are adding an item that needs water! And the sleekly woven sisal and sweet grass Cornflower Checkered Bowl is a testimony to the skilled craftsmanship of the Rwandan master weavers who take the handmade nature of this catch-all basket to heart.


From cutting down the easily-regenerating reeds and plants to trimming and stripping down the plants to the fibers that are then boiled to make them soft and pliable before weaving the coiled shapes that form the basket itself. Such a time-consuming and traditional process shares the skills of the maker with the appreciation of the buyer, making a circle that connects one to the other. 


These hand-woven products are truly beautiful and even more so as it helps to provide sustainable employment to women in Rwanda who found hope through their artisanry with Gahaya Links after suffering through the 1994 Rwandan genocide or issues related to a lack of employment opportunities or stable wage-earning. Many of these women were struggling with poverty that leads to food insecurity and thus a weakened immune system that prevents them from receiving life-changing medicines.


For a video about sex trafficking in India and what Rahab's Rope is doing to stop it... CLICK HERE.


To learn more about Gahaya Links and the process they use to create these beautiful woven products... CLICK HERE.

Home Sweet Home Gift Bundle

$109.99 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
  • Marbled Cotton Throw:

    • 72"x48"
    • 100% Hand-Loomed Cotton

    Cornflower Blue Vase

    • 5.25" D X 11" T
    • Sisal grass/sweet grass
    • ADD glass insert to hold water (not included)
    • Spot clean

    Cornflower Checkered Bowl

    • 9" x 7" x 9"
    • Sisal grass/sweet grass
    • Spot clean only
  • Throw Blanket: Handmade in India by Rahab's Rope

    Vase & Bowl: Handmade in Rwanda by Gahaya Links

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