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Yummy fun for everyone!  These Knitted Ice Cream Rattles are perfectly sized for little hands so they can have their own ice cream cone too.  Delectable chocolate ice cream, smothered in strawberry sauce and dotted with a fresh berry, sitting atop a textured waffle cone, this Ice Cream Rattle will be a great addition to a toddler's play kitchen or ice cream parlor for an older sibling or for Baby to share. Hand-knitted by moms, these Vanilla Ice Cream Rattles will make your day when you know the purpose behind this purchase.  


Finding out that these plush friends are handmade by women in Bangladesh, who create the best friends for your kids while providing healthy lifestyles for their own children through the employment and education at Pebble, should make adding this pal a wonderful addition to any child's collection.  So give one as part of a baby shower gift, a sprinkle gift for a mom of multiples, or a birthday or any day gift to the little one.


Your purchase of any of the Pebble collection of rattles and plushies helps make your child's world more playful and gives their children a new future. 

Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream Rattle

  • Handmade in Bangladesh by Pebble

    • Machine Washable: For best results, place your Pebble toy in mesh bag and launder with cool water and non-toxic detergent. Fluff in dryer for a few minutes and then air dry.

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