According to Children International, "Bawana is a resettlement colony located northwest of the national capital of Delhi and houses more than 9,000 families in five main blocks. Most of the original inhabitants of the colony are families whose slums were forcibly evicted by the government from the central area of the city over 10 years ago. The families were given small plots of land as compensation, and this came to be called the Bawana Slum Colony."   


Tara Projects says that each family was given only 18 yards of land upon which they can live.  Because of this forced exile, the men who had worked as rickshaw pullers, factory workers, produce sellers, and construction laborers and the women who had worked in the textile and craft industries also lost their jobs due to a lack of transportation, among other reasons.


Due to the unrest and discord within this slum colony as a result of the forcible eviction and consequential poverty, children are highly vulnerable to malnutrition and a lack of education.   The vibrant cerulean and gold beaded Educate Bracelet strives to address this heartbreaking situation by funding Tara Projects in Bawana to provide life-changing employment opportunities through a tailoring center for the young women and free education programs and learning centers for the children.


For every one of these beautiful bracelets, WorldFinds donates 15% of the wholesale prices to Tara Projects/Bawana based on the total number of products purchased from the artisans, not based on product sales.  AND every bracelet employs the marginalized women in other areas of India who are artisans for WorldFinds, allowing them to achieve financial stability and economic independence where they would otherwise be disenfranchised.  Now these are causes worth supporting!


Educate - Cause Connection Bracelet

    • Measures .125″ wide; stretches to fit most wrists.
    • Beads are made of glass and a brass/metal mix.
  • Handmade in India by WorldFinds

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