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“Refugees are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, with the same hopes and ambitions as us—except that a twist of fate has bound their lives to a global refugee crisis on an unprecedented scale.”  — Khaled Hosseini


Often when we hear the word "refugee," we can get caught up in the numbers and dollar signs involved and forget the humanity of the global refugee crisis.  Sometimes opening our countries and communities to refugees is not possible, so sending support becomes vitally important for those who have been forced into homelessness through no fault of their own, such as war.  The International Rescue Committee ensures that immediate aid and emergency needs like medical care, shelter, and food is provided to those who are displaced.


This  handmade, three-string Assist Bracelet not only provides sustainable employment and fair wages to the women artisans in India who crafted it, it also offers life-saving aid to refugees in crisis around the world. For every one of these beautiful bracelets, WorldFinds donates 15% of the wholesale price to The International Rescue Committee.

Assist - Cause Connection Bracelet

    • Measures .125″ wide; stretches to fit most wrists.
    • Beads are made of glass and a brass/metal mix.

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