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"The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble."  ~ Blaise Pascal


The allure of the ocean has such a pull for so many of us, from a delightful place for relaxation and rest to an adrenaline rush for marine biologists and surfers alike.  And yet, we still have more work to do to keep these mysterious and magical waters pristine.  


The Clean Up Bracelet is  hand-strung by women artisans in India with three strands of shimmering aquamarine and brass beads to create a little glimmer of oceanic colors and memories on your very own wrist!  By also supporting the Ocean Conservancy, this FairTrade jewelry not only serves as a symbol of the meaningful employment and fair wages that you are providing to the artisans, it funds annual ocean and beach clean-up projects, immediate ocean emergency responses, ocean floor mapping and restoration, and sea mammal rehabilitation programs.  Every ocean lover and FairTrade fan can love and appreciate both of those world-changing impacts!


Every one of these beautiful bracelets allows WorldFinds to donate 15% of the wholesale prices to The Ocean Conservancy. Donations are made based on how many they purchase from their artisans, not product sales.  

Clean Up - Cause Connection Bracelet

    • Measures .125″ wide; stretches to fit most wrists.
    • Beads are made of glass and a brass/metal mix.
  • Handmade in India by WorldFinds

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