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From France to Turkey, Lithuania to Ukraine, GeoPuzzle Europe has 58 pieces shaped like countries and groups of countries.  Children learn the name and shape of a country, and they also learn its location on a map.  These GeoPuzzles are fantastic tools for teaching children about the world, about geography, and about how the countries are related to one another!  Add one of our many other children's games, books, and activities about the world to create global and cultural awareness for you and your child!


Cultivating fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, map skills, problem-solving, and so many other age-appropriate developmental abilities is vitally important to a child's education, and this puzzle combines all of those cognitive, brain-building skills into one fun activity that can lead to even more!  


If you're homeschool or remote learning, this is an amazing add-on to a unit on a specific country or region of the world.  By discussing countries' relationships to each other and the globe, you grow global awareness in a kid-friendly way.  Keep the fun going by making different types of foods or exploring various flags or cultural traditions.  

We have lots of books in our lending library or for sale if you're interested in more global awareness or geography skill building!


For ages 4 & up

Made from recycled materials

Europe GeoPuzzle - 58 pieces

  • From GeoToys

    Jumbo-sized at 19x16 inches, this jigsaw puzzle is great on large tables in classrooms and used as a floor puzzle at home or in school. Made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials to boost sustainability in kids toys. 

    Kids will:

    • Build fine motor skills
    • Develop cognitive strengths
    • Enhance language and vocabulary
    • Practice problem-solving skills 

    For ages 4 & up

  • Made in U.S.A. for GeoToys

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