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Native or indigenous cultures around the world use numerous different methods to create baskets for their peoples to use for gathering food or water, for carrying or storing, for gifts or dowries, and more.  Depending upon their location, the natural materials that are available, and the specific needs for the basket, a wide variety of weaving skills are necessary and thus are passed down, generation upon generation. 

Each of our artisan-made baskets is the product of hundreds of years or more of traditional methods and instruction, shared from one relative to another, for you to enjoy.  By doing so, you are partnering with the artisans to add value and meaning to their incredible artistry through your appreciation of their work.


Now, we're giving YOU the opportunity to try your hand at weaving and coiling baskets to learn new skills or hone your own techniques! These instructions will teach you how to coil a small basket.  Coiling is a basketry method where one material is wrapped around another in a spiral. Generally the materials used for wrapping are soft and flexible while the coil can be a bit more rigid. Designs can be created by using multiple colors and textures.


You can use this Coiled Basket Kit to make a 3" to 4" diameter basket and choose from six basic designs: stepped block, spiral, coyote tracks, zig zag, spaced blocks, connected blocks or rim edge.


Prepare to spend some time on this project. It could take more than 6-8 hours over several days.  Coiled basketry requires patience and perseverance. Keep at it and you will be proud of your new skills and finished basket.

Coiled Basket Kit - Basic

    • Kit contains: raffia, fiber rush, tapestry needles and color photo instructions
    • You will need: water, scissors, ruler, pen or pencil
    • Makes one 3” to 4" diameter basket
    • Ages 12 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages
    • Made in USA
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Traditional Craft Kits

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