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The world is such an immense place with incredible places to visit, cities to see, and landmarks to behold!  Maybe you aren't able to take your kids to every wonder in the world, but you can certainly make those wonders come a little closer to home. 


Sharpen your memory skills, discover some of the world's greatest buildings and boost global literacy using this fun Cities of the World Memory Game! Match the pairs of landmarks and learn the city and country where the landmark can be found and make the whole world fit a little better in your hands.  


Perfect for tech-free time during school breaks or as a homeschool add-on, a birthday present to give to globally-minded kids or a way to spend a family fun night while learning something new, this memory game is a great addition to your game closet!    Because sharing stories, making connections, and inspiring minds makes the world a kinder, better place.


  • Product Dimensions: Box: 8.43 x 8.82 x .98 inches; Cards: 2 x 2.75 inches
  • Page Count: 72 cards (36 pairs)
  • Age Range: Ages 4-10 years

Cities of the World Memory Game


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