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You will absolutely love the Bolga Woven Bike Baskets, which feature a distinctive and complimentary design and pattern to give an elegant, luxurious look and feel. These bike baskets are handmade with the finest elephant grass in Ghana. Elephant grass is a tough fiber, used for these beautiful bike baskets because of its solid texture and strength.  The artistic combination of the stalks display a beautiful modern artwork.   


This Bolga Woven Bike Basket is natural, versatile, and durable, beautifully handwoven and built to last for years without any maintenance required.  Easily cleaned with water due to the nature of the elephant grass, each basket comes crafted with leather straps for hanging and extra sophistication.


*Due to the handmade nature of these baskets, each pattern and color combination will vary.  You may not receive one of the exact baskets in these photos.

Bolga Woven Bike Basket

  • Handmade in Ghana 

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