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"Bloom where you are planted." 


While it seems hard to figure out where this sentiment actually came from, we know exactly what it means.  This Bloomer Bracelet creatively shares the message with its marbleized white beads, stamped Beljoy circle, and brass cutout heart charm.  It's a striking statement accessory that is also a lovely complementary stacking piece with any Beljoy bracelet.


Our partners at Beljoy and the Haitian artisans they employ simply exemplify what it means to bloom where you are planted.  Not everyone can choose where they live, and sometimes that country is the poorest in the western hemisphere, where 80% of the population is in poverty.  The men and women who live in Haiti work incredibly hard to rise above the challenges they face daily, and still manage to share a blooming, thriving joy. 


Beljoy supports and empowers these artisans through job creation and sustainable income, a hand up out of poverty and chaos to develop stability for their families and communities.  Be part of this incredible, life-changing work when you purchase any Beljoy product.


7" stretch

Bloomer Bracelet

  • Handmade in Haiti by Beljoy

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