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Beautifully batiked by hand in Ghana by women of the Cape Coast Batik and Sewing Center for Global Mamas, this 60" long necktie is perfect for the groom, dad, or grad in your life! 

If you're planning an ethical wedding, this Keepsake Necktie in black is ready for the big day, especially since it's handcrafted with a 100% organic cotton shell.  Maybe your favorite guy is headed to his very first job interview, a typical day at the office, or maybe he's just tired of the traditional tie choices in his closet... look no further than this!  And when he finds out that his tie is also sending each of the Global Mamas' employees' children to school, he will definitely wear this tie with pride. 


60" long

Batik Keepsake Organic Necktie

  • Handmade in Ghana by Global Mamas

  • For more about how the batiking process works at Global Mamas, CLICK HERE.

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