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This gorgeous Stardust Baby Blanket is simply amazing as your own little bundle of the universe!  Woven with 100% recycled acrylic, it's softly textured and vibrantly colored to create a one-of-a-kind blanket that is as special as your baby.


Cozy and cuddly, these baby blankets are parent-tested and baby-approved for stroller walks, tummy time, and taking outside!  And since we know personally that babies can occasionally be messy, we want YOU to know that this blanket is machine washable and resilient for those unavoidable little (or big) messes. 


As with any Heartprint Threads blanket you purchase, 'A baby blanket for you, is a baby blanket for someone in need.'  Their "Warm for All" Initiative donates a blanket to someone in need in local communities for every single HpT blanket that is purchased, including this one!  They've also partnered with Mealshare to combat youth hunger in local communities.

Baby Blanket - Stardust

    • Baby size 30" (76 cm) x 40" (102 cm)
    • 100% recycled acrylic
    • Made in Ecuador

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