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3...2...1...Blast off!!!   If your favorite tiny space traveler dreams of exploring the final frontier in person, then A is for Astronaut: Blasting Through the Alphabet is absolutely necessary reading material!


In this beautifully illustrated alphabet book, retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson takes readers on an A-Z tour explaining not only what it means to be an explorer in space but also the science (and dangers) of space flight. Topics include the history behind and ongoing mission of NASA, famous astronauts and their missions, equipment and innovations, and explanations of key terminology.  Your aspiring astronaut is certain to delight in this big-kid version of an alphabet story since it includes so much bonus information that only those who dare to dream of walking on the moon should know.   Topics cover the history of NASA, science, and practical aspects of being an astronaut using fun poems for each letter paired with longer expository text in the sidebars.


And if your favorite star-gazer and moon-walker would love to have his or her very own Astronaut Plush Pal or Astronaut Rattle, then be sure to add one of these incredibly impressive, handmade intergalactic explorers!  By purchasing one of these space sidekicks, hand-crocheted with sweet details and friendly features by the moms of Pebble, you'll know that you're not only encouraging the dreams of your own children, but you're also supporting the dreams of those artisan moms who are working to create new futures for the children through stable employment, fair wages, education, and health care. 


Because parents around the world (and in space) just want the same thing for their children - a world that is better than the one they have known.

A is for Astronaut Alphabet Book

  • Written by Clayton Anderson, retired NASA astronaut

  • Published in the United States by Sleeping Bear Press

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