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Honeybees are vitally important to our food supply, our ecosystems, and our Earth!  It's time to stand up for the humble honeybee and celebrate their incredible contributions to life. What better way to learn more about these buzzy buddies than to read about them and enjoy a handmade memento of their story?  Great for gifting to a child to create curiosity or for sharing with a grandparent who loves to garden, this gorgeous book bundle is perfect for eco-lovers of any age!


H is for Honey Bee: A Beekeeping Alphabet is written by a beekeeper!  This A - Z exploration of the honey bee includes beekeeping basics, information about the hive, nectar, pollination, the health and welfare of honey bees, and great tips for how and where you can you become a beekeeper too! Beautiful artwork, poems, and additional text will make this a hit with all age-groups.


The Honeybee Ornament is wonderfully hand-felted from all-natural wool by artisans using traditional techniques in Kyrgyzstan.  From it's carefully designed wing pattern to the vibrant stripes of its body, this bee is ready to take on the world!  Each ornament is crafted to be an abstract of its living image, in respect to the taboo in Kyrgyz culture of replicating images found in nature.  Your purchase of this book bundle provides meaningful employment and sustainable wages in a region of the world that has long been forgotten.  

A Honey of a Book Bundle


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