"And perhaps the best answer is not to tolerate difference, not even to accept them.  But to celebrate them. Maybe then those who are different would feel more loved and less, well, tolerated. "  ~ Bill Konigsburg


Support a friend, relative or neighbor who has Autism or who loves on someone with Autism.  Caregivers and family members work tirelessly and relentlessly to obtain health resources, educational opportunities, and so much more for the good of these unique children and their futures.   


This limited edition Celebrating Autism Bracelet Collection is just one small way to recognize the efforts of these special people of all ages.  With its royal blue square beads and brass puzzle piece charm, this particular bracelet reminds us that no child should ever fit into someone else's box.  Each child's unique gifts and abilities makes them part of our global network, our global puzzle of people, all of whom are worthy and equal.


Each purchase also creates jobs and sustainable employment for the women artisans in Haiti who lovingly created each bracelet in hope for you.

Worthy Bracelet

  • Handmade in Haiti by Beljoy

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- Ethical Hope is about family - the global community that is our family, whether we know them all or not, and caring for them exactly as they are, wherever they are.  

- Ethical Hope is about value - valuing those who have been deemed worthless and showing them that their contributions to the world are indeed valuable and vitally important.

- Ethical Hope is about justice - the need for offering fair treatment and sustainable wages in cultures and societies where the outcasts are forgotten or neglected.

- Ethical Hope is about hope - offering it to anyone who needs hope in their struggles, light in their darkness, acceptance in their brokenness.


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